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We spend 8-10 hours per day thinking about your vitamins
…so that you don’t have to!

When did picking out a good vitamin become so complicated? Sorting through all the options, variations, ingredients, formats, claims…it’s practically a full-time job just to pick the right one.

We think so too!

That's why we hired PhDs...so that you don’t need one to understand if a vitamin is good for you.

Who we are

We’re a fun group of scientists and
nutritional nuts (the crazy kind, not the crunchy, delicious kind – did we
mention we love Dad jokes?) 

Before creating vit, we felt that…

Good vitamins were very serious

Inexpensive vitamins weren’t very good

Fun vitamins were made by brands and marketers that didn’t actually know much about making them good for you

What We Care About

We make our living creating and selling vitamins and nutritional 

products. But we want to make products that we can take home to our

families and be proud of at the end of the day. That means there are 

fundamental pillars that we adhere to...because they’re not just 

important to our customers...they’re important to us as employees and 


Quality you can trust

The plant difference

Clean-label products

Proven by science

We prioritize ingredients that are proven by science and have documented clinical support behind them but we also favor natural sources and those that are plant-derived. With every vit product, you can rest assured that what you put in your body is safe and effective.

Traceable and certified suppliers

Ingredients are purchased from certified suppliers with traceable origins and derived using ethical processes.

Third-party testing

Every single product we make undergoes rigorous internal testing and is also verified by third-party labs. Those labs offer added peace of mind to our customers because their job is to ensure that what we claim is in our products is actually present in our products and at the levels we state. 

Plant-derived and Vegan sources where possible

From the beginning we chose to offer many products that meet vegan standards and do not use animal sources when possible. Even though they are more expensive to produce and challenging to formulate, this was important to our customers who are already striving for plant-based options in their diets. 

Vegetarian Softgels

Made from seaweed, they are 100% plant-based and perfect for vegans and vegetarians!

Gelatin Free Gummies

We aim to offer vegan gummy options when possible by formulating with not-gelatin pectin-based options. Pectinis a naturally occurring starch found in fruits and vegetables and is most often derived from the apple pomace or citrus peel left over after fruit juice production.

Global sourcing for top quality

Our goal is to deliver a product that we are proud of and that our customers can trust. To do that we source our ingredients from across the globe in order to find the best quality and ensure that suppliers meet our strict standards. Whether it is curcumin from India, ginseng from Asia or purified fish oil from the South Pacific, we don't let distance or boundaries get in the way of finding the highest quality components to formulate our vitamins and supplements.

Ethically grown and free of allergens

Free from unwanted additives and unhealthy fillers

We build our formulations with the goal of focusing on the hero ingredients that do the heavy lifting while leaving out fillers and preservatives. In fact our expiration dates are often short because we want to ensure we are delivering fresh product without preservatives to make it last longer.